On April 30, 2016, over the course of approximately 40 minutes, Tennis Club performed a competitive destruction of our personal messages, dating back 500 pages deep into a facebook thread containing our deepest secrets, intimate reveals, and personal details. Armed with highlighters and sharpies, Club members were tasked with highlighting their own contributions to the message thread before physically censoring sensitive information as the longform print-out made its way from a dot-matrix printer to a shredder across the gallery. Shift changes and infractions were marked with whistle blows, and points were tallied with Megan emerging as the overall winner due to an egregious case of cheating on the part of Marie and Megan’s keen attention to marking her teammates penalties.



[Redacted], Between Among and Away, DC3 Gallery, University of Alberta's Art and Design Graduate Students' Association, Edmonton AB

Photos by Michael JH Woolly.