Tennis Club is a collective consisting of Megan Gnanasihamany, Morgan Melenka, Marie Winters, Alyson Davies, and Renée Perrott. The Club was formed during the members’ pursuit of their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees at the University of Alberta.

The collective found its calling as a metaphorical sports team in 2015, finding their first home at the former Ficus Studios, the clubhouse is currently located at Mcluhan house where the Tennis Club is in residency. 

The members of Tennis Club are five young women, not unlike the Spice Girls, united by a common goal of exploring and engaging with arts and cultural practices including sexuality, leisure, and performativity. The Club’s self-made jurisdiction ranges from Edmonton’s booming metropolis to the abundant Albertan countryside.

As Edmonton’s newest sports sensation, Tennis Club aims to build on localised fame as we support each other in our collective and individual practices.