Good Deeds

"Like a troop of overeager Girl Guides, the members of Edmonton’s Tennis Club (Morgan Melenka, Megan Gnanasihamany, Marie Winters, Alyson Davies and Renée Perrott) are out to do good deeds. Previous performances have involved participating in groundbreaking ceremonies for new condo developments, meeting Calgary’s mayor, guiding people through sidewalks in construction zones and cheering on recreational runners with Gatorade and participation ribbons. Their determination is laudable, all the more so since the gestures themselves tend toward the poetically impractical. Still, equipped with matching outfits, tennis racquets and the veneer of authority brought about by positioning themselves as a team, the emerging collective is always ready to tackle the complexities of suburban Edmonton’s attitudes towards sport, gender and leisure."



- Gang Up: 16 Great Canadian Art Collaborations, Canadian Art, Summer 2016, Alison Cooley and Daniella Sanader.